Balance Your Mind and Body

Proper balance in life requires a combination of healthy stress and rest. Our line of supplements work synergistically
to help you engage more deeply in life while enabling a deeper state of rest and recovery.

Our unique blend of nootropics, alongside essential vitamins and minerals, improve your ability to embrace
challenges and grow, both physically and mentally.

Daytime Formula

Nighttime Formula

Detox Formula

Get Up and Grow

Our Daily Cognitive Supplement gives you:

Evening Evolution

Our Nightly Cognitive Support Supplements help you:


Our Natural Detoxification Supplement helps you:

The term “nootropics” refers to any natural or synthetic substance that may have a positive impact on mental health or performance. In general, nootropics fall into three general categories: dietary supplements, synthetic compounds, and prescription drugs. All nootropics found in IndiGrowth products are 100% natural and approved by Health Canada