Do you need guidance in mindfulness-based life coaching, creating a healthy balance in your work and personal life, understanding how to become financially knowledgeable and independent, or enhancing your physical fitness and overall nutritional awareness? At IndiGrowth, we can help you with:

Cultivating a more balanced life through mindful awareness Healing your relationships.

Developing better stress management through meditation, yoga, and the mind-body-spirit connection.

Dealing with life’s daily struggles by incorporating a sense of compassionate inquiry, self-counseling, and self-care.

Strengthening your body through personal training and physical self-awareness.

Improving your nutritional well-being by complementing your diet with healthy dietary alternatives.

Our Services

Coming Soon

  • Online Counseling Services
  • Indigenous Values Structured Online Counseling
  • Mobile Acupuncture
  • Mobile Massage Therapy

In late 2021 we will begin offering some of the above-listed services via mobile health practitioners who are licensed as independent professionals and work with IndiGrowth to provide safe and effective healing at the comfort of your own home or in some situations at the health care practitioners office or home business location and even outdoors if weather permits it.

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Feel free to contact us via email @ info@indigrowthhealth.com If you have any questions regarding our products or the information on our website.