Our multipurpose health supplements are designed to increase the balance between a healthy mind and body. IndiGrowths all-natural supplements not only meet people’s basic nutritional needs but also exceed them by aiding cognitive function and counteracting the effects of stress on your mind and body. Our supplements contain no added sugars, are dairy and gluten-free, and are 100% vegan friendly. All of our products meet Health Canada regulations for Natural Health Products and are made in Canada at a Health Canada approved facility.

IndiGrowth’s supplements contain essential vitamins, natural nootropics, and adaptogenic herbs that are proven to help with

Product Reviews

"I started taking the daytime formula from indigrowth a few months ago and it has worked wonders on my mentality. I have had a few concussions in the past and was searching for something that would help with my post concussion symptoms, now I know this isn't a supplement for concussions but I have notice …

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Below are just a few of the benefits that will result from taking these products!

  • Enhance Cognitive Brain Function
  • Improve Memory
  • Increase Motivation
  • Strengthen Attention and Concentration
  • Reverse Oxidative Stress
  • Improve the Bodies Natural Immune System