About Us

Making a Difference

IndiGrowth’s mission is to improve physical, mental, and spiritual well-being on a global scale. 

We are passionate about helping people discover a healthier sense of life balance and making significant imorvement in their professional and perosnl lives.


Prioritize Your Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Health.

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Our vision 

IndiGrowth is poised to become a leading internartional health and wellness company 

 Our natural health supplements, and health and wellness resources will help impove peoples lives on a global scale.









Comprehensive  . 

Clayton Hobbs, Founder

Our Values

Dedication to Customers

Dedication to Customers

IndiGrowth's is commited to ensuring that our products and services are accesible and beneficial to those who need them most. We take great pride in providing Convenient, Comprehensive, Cost-Effective products and services that improve our customers' health and overall well-being.


Our goal is to be respectful and aware of the rights of others by creating opportunities for community engagement and inclusivity for all community members, regardless of ability, age, gender, race, or religion. Equality for all is a founding principle of the company. IndiGrowth believes that supporting individual health and wellness is pivotal to increasing the health and wellness of all communities.
Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

We are proud to offer the most environmentally friendly products possible. We do so by using only natural ingredients and packaging that is made from 100% recyclable type 2 stand-up plastic pouches. We will continue to improve our product packaging and by 2024 all of our products will be packaged in 100% compostable stand-up pouches made from plant-based materials.

Our Brand name and Logo

The IndiGrowth brand name represents Individual-Growth, and the benficial experiences that come with persuing Individual Growth. We designed our logo with a 8 petal lotus to represent the stages of the eightfold path which represent the path to enlightenment. IndiGrowth embodies the symbolic meaning of the lotus flower by embracing continual growth, personal improvement, and a dedication to helping others flourish. 


The lotus flower (like all flowers and organisms on earth) comes from a humble beginning in their roots The human condition, and our paths, are similar to the lotus flower. Like the lotus flower, we struggle and persevere through the darkness and depths of the mud to get through to the other end—where the light shines through. 


A Realistic View of Reality

Learning to embrace a realistic understanding of our reality and its entanglement with suffering. 


Positive Personal Intention

Having positive intentions and treating others with kindness is part of what it means to be a good person, and live a meaningful life. 



Be Mindful of Your Words

Buddhism instructs us not to“indulge in idle talk or gossip.” Our choice of topics and words reflect ourselves to other people. Infuse your words with kindness and spread positivity in the way you communicate with others.


Making an Ethically Sound Living

How we treat others reflects who we are, and dictates how others treat us in return. Live honestly and make conscientious choices in your daily and professional lives

IndiGrowth Symbol


Showing Up for Yourself and Others

Give each day your best effort so you can become your best self. When it comes to reaching your goals, exercise self-discipline and stay focused—you’ll get there.


Practice Mindful Awareness of Self and Others

Be conscientious of how your decisions and actions impact others. Act with reason and in good faith


Act With Purpose

Fill your actions with positivity and good intentions. Adhere to the idea of nonviolence.


Stay Focused Through Meditation

Develop positive mental patterns of thought, and train your mind into positivity. Try and dispel negative thoughts as they come up and remain focused on your goals.

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